Diviana is crafting its legacy of curating personalized luxury interior experiences for its discerning patrons. It was founded in 2004 by Kapil Chopra, to give expression to his passion for beauty and his love for product and space design. This entrepreneurial adventure has created its distinct style of crafting uber luxury interior spaces and furniture pieces. Diviana has been profiled in leading industry journals and has participated at India’s most definitive design and home décor exhibitions.

Over the years, Diviana has engaged in a measured, yet inspired experimentation with materials and processes to formulate its distinctive design style. Supported by a team of richly experienced and skilled artisans, we are well-placed to respond to the bespoke desires of our clients and deliver superior compositional solutions with a unique mix of materials and exquisite workmanship.

At Diviana, we believe that Luxury is more than just being expressive, it is about invoking an experience. And that experience needs to be intimately personal as the spaces we inhabit must be a perfect balance of the mind, the heart and the functional. As such, the interior spaces we design reflect your personal style, aesthetics, lifestyle needs and aspirations as we fashion them exclusively for you!

Kapil Chopra


“ DIVIANA is the showcase of our vision to craft timeless luxury living spaces, blending our passion for beauty with innovation in design and our distinctive style with exquisite workmanship. “

An established name in the world of luxury furniture and space design, Kapil Chopra is a mechanical engineer with a designer’s aesthetic touch. Both the disciplines find a harmonious balance in his creations and lend them a unique character. His true gift is his ability to understand a client’s world and re-create it in the living spaces he designs.

Kapil Chopra Founder


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