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Luxury Bedroom Interiors

Updated: Oct 26, 2020

DIVIANA by Kapil Chopra features mind stirring carpentry with a blend of unique mahogany and wood cabernet shades of sculptured king sized beds that take relaxing & sleep to a new rhapsodic level .

The beds are crafted geometrical miracles; poised so elegantly that sitting and reclining is as easy as floating in space.

The closets with its outstanding louvres breathe easy on the couture stored within. The built-in lapcabinet inside the wardrobe has sliding designs to make storing apparels easy; dappled in mauve shades with classic lines and built-in solid mahogany wood, this exclusive slidable stand conceals itself easily after use.

The bedside nightstand features unique bevel finishes with secret, smooth ejectable drawers to contain watches, wallets and important trinkets like a noteworthy escritoire.

Perfect for a contemplative and high-class environment; the connoisseur elating fixtures fill the bedroom with a fascinating aura.

Besides the glamourous venetian curtain rail a centre oval with courtier like chairs tell tales of a refreshing coffee treat with biscotti and smorgasbord.

The ceiling is well enbroidered with a centrifugal pendant chandelier glowing up the surroundings; revealing with sobriety the regal style bedroom with its majestic duvet as if waiting to be unfurled to enjoy a well deserved night sleep cushioned with ecstasy.

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