Modern take on Luxury Home Interiors

January 19, 2022

Luxury, for all its subjectivity, has common notions of exclusivity, indulgence and top-end quality. Once you move beyond that, it has a different meaning for each individual. Some of the facets attributed to luxury include aesthetics, functional ease, overt opulence, expensive, pleasurable, one-of-a-kind, comfort, elegance and so on. And these differences in perceptions about the concept of luxury may be influenced by various factors, such as one’s geography, socio-economic status, education, global exposure, culture etc.

Luxury in Home Interiors has evolved

The concept of luxury has evolved dramatically over time. It largely has a different meaning today than it did to the previous generations. The impact on its application in designing home interior spaces is quite noticeable as well.

There was a time, not so long ago, when luxury was synonymous with overt opulence. Your home interiors were designed to exhibit your superior financial stature. The use of materials, colors, textures, furniture styles, accessories etc. were all governed by the money-value they expressed. Globalization, combined with the disruptive impact of technology, refining aesthetics, new set of personal aspirations and lifestyle goals have had their impact on the notion of luxury and how it is being interpreted in home interior styling.

Luxury is who you are

The biggest change in the concept of luxury in home interiors is that it is no longer an established formula. It is not about “dressing up” the interiors in a certain way, which reflect the accepted societal norms and will help you establish your coveted place in the community.

Luxury is about genuineness. It is about being authentic to who you are. The exclusivity comes from shaping your space as per your needs – functional as well as aesthetic. A greater emphasis is on the quality of materials, innovation in design, excellence in finishes – all working towards creating inviting, warm and comfortable interior compositions, which reflect your design style.

It is about creating an experience

There is a noticeable shift in modern luxury with a growing focus towards designing experiences rather than acquiring material things. And there has never been a better time than now to create exclusive experiences through deeply personalized interior spaces.

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